Quaid-i-Azam University

Department of Electronics

Error Correcting Codes

Fall Semester, (September-January), 2011 

Important Information:

In addition to the information provided during the class, schedule, home work assignments, and other information will be posted here. Please ensure to visit this site regularly to keep you updated about this course. 

The attendance for this class is an absolute requirements. You are required to at least attend 80% of the classes. Failure to attend classes regularly can adversely effect your performance and consequently grade. 

The home work and assignments are due on the due date. If you are not able to complete your assignment for any reason, please feel free to discuss with me. A student who fails to submit his/.her assignment will automatically get no credit for that particular work.l 

There will be two midterm exams during the semester. The course for the exam will be the material covered prior to the exam date. Therefore, ensure to keep up to date with the course and material presented during the semester. 

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